4th of July in a Jar

Happy belated 4th of July!!! I admit, this post is a day late; however, this breakfast/dessert is SO delicious and basic it can be eaten any day and customized for any occasion. 4th of July is my favorite holiday so I made sure to start my day off right with a fun, fast, and festive meal. I was inspired by my traditional red, white, and blue breakfast— belgian waffles, whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries— to create a healthier and more creative alternative. There are no precise measurements for this recipe; everything is based on personal preferences. So, if you like one ingredient more than another, then by all means include more of it. This is the time to get creativity, so layer in whichever order and decorate your jar as you’d like! If you’re entertaining friends or children, this can also also be a great activity; just supply the ingredients and let your guests make their own creations. Find your favorite sweet treats (may i suggest nutella, peanut butter, m&ms, pretzels, frosting, etc) and layer ’em on!

My personal creationIngredients 

Angel food cake

 1 Carton of Strawberries

 1 Carton of Blueberries

 Raspberry (or  Strawberry) Jam

 Cool Whip

 Red & blue sprinkles



 Layer your ingredients in a red, white, and blue pattern. Top off with cool whip and a strawberry crown. Bon appétit!


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